4 Not Oft Described Benefits of Massage

ExecutivePersonalEvents | 03 Sep 2017 - 04:50
4 Not Oft Described Benefits of Massage

One benefit of massage is that it’s an excellent tool for grounding.  Grounding is being down to earth – this time literally, rather than as a figure of speech.  We operate best when connected to the earth = grounded.  Most of us know the feeling of being ungrounded – it’s the feeling of having thousands of things rushing through your head at once, an overwhelm.  If we move our focus down to the area around our navel, that busyness goes away.  If we move our focus down to our feet and from there into the ground, that’ll give us even more calmness and stability.  Grounding is a natural process.  People who do sports all find grounding essential albeit they may use different words to call it. Massage is human touch and human touch of this type is very grounding. When we’re ungrounded, we often feel scatty, disorganized, uncomfortable in our bodies, fidgety, unsettled.  This breeds times when we can’t make ourselves to do anything and then feel guilty for wasting a precious day, but powerless to do anything about it.  Some of us cope with this by comfort eating, others by comfort drinking [whether gallons of coffee or alcohol], smoking like chimneys, biting nails, or anything to escape.   But all these things have consequences… Regular massage will ground us beautifully all over the body and provide a relaxing  escapade.

Why do many men have gray hair? Because one of the causes of gray hair is tense scalp tensed up from work stress.  Regular head massage prevents scalp tension and enables blood to circulate freely and bring nutrients into the hair roots.  This prevents the hair from withering and going gray – or falling out before its time.  So regular head massage is also beneficial for delay of baldness. 

Do allergies make your working life hell during the sunniest of days?  Regular massage with the right essential oils can be very helpful for the prevention of allergic reactions such as hay fever, because the oils absorb into the blood stream and decrease the severity of the allergic response.

Trouble satisfying your women? Regular massage can be a major factor in improving your sexual performance.  A lot of energy gets clogged up in the reproductive organs.  Massage improves circulation and releases the blocks.  Certain essential oils also strengthen the reproductive organs and thus improve their smooth running.  What a benefit!

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