Critical Mistakes That Men Make When Selecting a Companion

ExecutivePersonalEvents | 18 Jul 2017 - 01:58
Critical Mistakes That Men Make When Selecting a Companion

Why do many men’s impulse choices of companion or adult entertainer bite them in the neck?  Here’s a succinct account of the critical mistakes men make when selecting a companion or adult fun partner. 

1. They don’t care who they are to go with  Impatience, desperation, frustration, exhaustion, resignation, or various combinations thereof can drive this one.  When their urges hit and they’re home alone, these men want a babe to fall into their laps right away.  So they surf, dial a few numbers, and wait to see who responds…  Have you been guilty of this?   It’s human nature, right?  The danger of this brainless approach is that it will attract an equally brainless provider who will only care about the cash and treat these men exactly as they deserve to be treated.   The vicious circle is feeding: they pay huge amounts for an awkward shallow soulless clinical restrictive cold harsh atmosphere, pregnant pauses, meaningless moves.  Then they get pissed off and later repeat the process…  Years go by, cutting the precious time these men have on this planet…  So how is that fun? Wouldn’t finding the right fun partner who had all the traits of these men’s dreams be more fun?  Besides, if you call me and don’t even know who you’re talking to, where you saw my number, what subtle message are you giving me?  If you don’t care who you are to go with, why should I care about giving you the ultimate dream of a good time?

2, They don’t do their research. Many men don’t even remember where they see the provider’s details.  Again, impulse-driven human nature.  Who cares about research?  You want to have fun, right?  But if you don’t do your research, how do you know what you’re signing up for?  Hooking up with the wrong person could have tragic consequences for your health, career, family life…  Another benefit of doing your research on your fun partner is that you know what you can and can’t expect from her.  You know what she will and won’t give you for your money.  And you know you won’t be placing her in an awkward position by requesting things outside her level of comfort.  Plus you’ll come across as much more respectful in her eyes if your actions show  that you’ve made an informedchoice about her!  As with anything in life prior planning prevents poor performance.  Investing a few minutes in doing thorough research on the pretty woman in the pretty picture that has just caught your eye will pay you greater dividends than will be the amount you lose on her fee.

3. They don’t know what they want. This one may sound crazy, yet is the most common.  Even men who do care who they want to go with and do their research are often uncovered to not know what they want from their fun partner and even why they’re looking for one.  Think about it: do you have clear criteria of selection of your companion or fun partner? Do you know what you want from this person and from your relationship with her? What’s your goal of wanting to engage with a companion or other provider? To feed your ego? To blunt the emptiness inside you that you know you can’t run away? To deflect your anger at something that happened earlier that day / week? To prove to yourself that money can buy you pretty babes who will dance to your whistle? Or to celebrate life and its finer moments? Or to have a stable consistent companion / perhaps lover / friend whom you can entrust things that your family nor friends shouldn’t hear? What do you want her to do and be for you?  Get this clear in your head and your search will become much more focused.

Yes, I’ve aimed this article mainlyat the low grades of the industry as that’s where this happens most prolifically, but have observed that there’s plenty of room for improvement in the higher rungs of the market too.   If all men who are in my circle of friends and followers can have been selective about who they wish to invest their precious resources in, so can you – if you’re one of those men who needs to learn this lesson of being selective at this time in his life. The added benefit of caring, doing your research, and knowing what you want is that your prospective companion or fun partner will view you as an intelligent being worthy of her time and NRG and thus your relationship will begin already on good footing.  I’m happy to teach you that lesson through some good coaching. 


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