How High End Companionship Is Understood in Different Cultures

ExecutivePersonalEvents | 13 May 2018 - 17:51
How High End Companionship Is Understood in Different Cultures

Different folks, different strokes. Those of you who travel a lot or live abroad know this adage very well.  It applies to every aspect of life, so why should high end companionship be an exception?  So what are the differences between different cultures’ understanding of this concept? 

The concept of companionship originated in the US. The American man thus understands it as what it is – the company of another person. Whether the company of another person will include sex or not is not the primary focus of the American man who seeks a companion.  He wants to spend time with a person with whom he can connect, converse, share experiences, do things, and heck, if sex happens – and happens to work for the couple, it can only be a pleasant bonus. Of course, no man will say no to sex if the opportunity arises, but the American man will not protest against paying for a date with a companion at Starbucks as long as he’s (at least fairly) sure that he’ll connect with the person.

The Canadian man’s primary focus is the same as that of the American’s, and since Canada is the USA’s immediate neighbour, this is hardly a surprise. Of course, Canada is placed between the US and Britain, so more and more Canadian secretly expect that sex will be involved, but it still isn’t their primary focus in seeking a high end companion – and if sex isn’t involved, they won’t protest.

Contrastingly, the British man, even well traveled, still understands companionship as a synonym for prostitution. Interestingly, even British born men who have lived abroad, even in countries like the USA or Canada for decades still harbour this understanding, as if to reflect loyalties to their country of birth.:) The British man places little, if any, value on the company of another person and boldly asks first about what sexual services the person whom he’s considering hiring will perform for his money. The British man sees the value of another person’s company, conversation, and presence in sharing experiences with as a waste of time and mainly money.  Why pay for a companion when he can do those things with friends?

Not surprisingly to me, men from some other countries of the former British empire understand the concept of companionship the same way as the British men, even though if challenged, will do their best to mask it.:)

Scandinavian and continental men understand the concept of companionship the same way as do British men.

Men from the Middle Eastern countries understand the concept of companionship similarly to the British men, but due to their  cultures restrictive of everything sexual there’s no wonder that they seek the forbidden fruit of sweet sexual delights in western countries.

Japanese and Malaysian men understand companionship similarly to the Americans and Canadians, though with an even greater respect for and interest in the person.  

Australian men, of course, understand the concept the same way as the Brits, but add far more of a party spirit to their attitude. They go into their moments with a companion with the attitude of celebration, not desperation.

And to complete the trip round the world, Latinos understand the concept of high end companionship more like the Brits do, though apply a different kind of party spirit – that of worry-free, pot-smoking chillaxing in the sun by the sea… and with sex if they can get it.:)

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