When Men Should Avoid Going for Massage

ExecutivePersonalEvents | 25 Feb 2018 - 09:10
When Men Should Avoid Going for Massage

Although massage is generally enormously beneficial, there are a few occasions when you should avoid it.  What are those occasions? 

  • Any serious medical condition
  • A high temperature
  • An infection or contagious disease
  • Swelling, acute inflammation, bruising
  • An open wound, recent scar tissue, skin infection, weeping skin condition, broken skin, rash
  • Acute back pain, especially if the pain shoots down the arms / legs when you’re massaging the back / neck
  • Undiagnosed lumps
  • Varicose veins, swelling of veins, thrombosis.  Thrombosis can be difficult to recognise as symptoms will vary from person to person. Show caution if you feel vague aching in one leg and go see a doctor.
  • When you’re in such a rush that you know you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a massage.
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