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When you attempt to get a discount from an escort, especially if you’re not a regular client, he or she may perceive it as a direct attack on his or her personal value. It’s not like buying an item from a craft shop and working for the best price; it’s purchasing time with someone who is going to share something very special with you: a piece of him or herself. When you bargain for a lower price, it’s insinuating that you don’t value the escort enough to pay his or her rate. An escort who comes to appreciate you as a consistent client may choose to reward you from time to time with special discounts or rates. On EscortKingdom you have a chance to search among these reduced prices.

Sometimes it happens that an escort’s rates are simply too high for you to pay. That’s not the escort’s problem, it’s yours. If you cannot afford to pay their price, don’t bother contacting them—look for a different escort instead, the one that will fit your budget.