I Was An Escort During My University Years!

Admin | 2016. November 3. - 16:39
I Was An Escort During My University Years!

The day I met my classmate Tracy was the day my life completely changed. I had been struggling to make ends meet and my folks couldn’t afford to help out all the way, it’s true Boston Universities have crazy tuition fees and even crazier living expenses. My dad had told me but I was stubborn and wanted to pursue my dream and since I was his only daughter he offered to pay my tuition provided I find small jobs to cover the rest.

When I met Tracy I was coming out of the university gym room where I had spent my second consecutive night, I couldn’t go back to my apartment because my landlord would be waiting to kick me out. The second I saw Tracy coming through the gym I wanted to run but I am glad I did not, well I couldn’t have run anyway because she came over to me right away and greeted me. She did not wait for me to answer; she just went on and told me she knew I had spent the night in the gym because she had seen me the day before and sometime again in the previous month.

She invited me to exercise with her so we can take a bath and we go grab breakfast at her place. That was very nice of her really because in class we never spoke much, in fact I never spoke to many people, I guess I was shy like that. During breakfast at her place she began to tell me her story, I do not know why she trusted me that much with such sensitive information but it really helped change my life.

Tracy told me that she was a part time escort and that is how she managed to cover all of her living expenses. She showed me her profile and her monthly income it was incredible. I was taken aback when she told me that I was very sexy and had the most beautiful body she had ever seen. I always noticed guys looking at me everywhere but it didn’t occur to me that it was because of my looks. So when Tracy suggested I try on some of her outfits I did not hesitate. The girl who looked back in the mirror made me feel good, I really looked awesome!

She continued to tell me about her job, how she had started off. She even went on to show me how she advertised and screened clients to make sure everything was safe. The website she used to advertise had everything a beginner needed to make an entrance into the escort business. There was a full blog on how to get started, safety tips and even a chat platform for escorts to discuss their experiences and help each other remain safe.

I remember asking Tracy if she could help me create a profile, I thought she would refuse but she agreed with a really genuine smile on her face. She even offered to help me take photos for the profile. I borrowed some of her cloths and we went shopping for sexy naughty lingerie. I used my last money to buy a pretty Victoria’s Secrets panty with a matching bra; it was royal blue with lace everywhere. The bra brought out my cleavage and the lacy panty covered only half of my butt, leaving the rest of it out there casually inviting.

Tracy helped me take a number of photos, some with her dresses, some in lingerie and some completely nude. I used the Victoria’s Secrets bra and panty set picture as my profile photo and bought some advertising space using Tracey’s card. The website was easy to use and it did not take me long to find my way around.

Two days later we were in the same place but this time Tracey was helping me get dressed, I had scored my very first client! I was very nervous, the only guy I had been with was my high school boyfriend and that night I was going to be with a complete stranger. Tracy made me take half a glass of wine to calm my nerves and told me not to drink more than one glass during my appointment. She also told me to make sure I get paid first and not to forget everything else we had talked about.

I still do not believe how much fun I had that night, my client was very nice and friendly I actually enjoyed talking to him. When we went into the hotel room for the night I kept to the tips Tracey had given me, I loosened up and actually enjoyed the fantasy sex games my client suggested we play. I was amazed at how much aroused I was throughout that night, I enjoyed giving the service and may be I was more skilled at sex than I thought because when I went home that night my client had already booked to see me again the following weekend!

It wasn’t long before I had ranked up a good number of excellent reviews on the advertising platform. I had 5 loyal clients who always hired me and paid double my usual rates. The revenue I made was incredible! I will never forget the day I paid my landlord all the money I owed him with six months advance rent!

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