An Ad for Men's Coach on These Sites? Why and Why Not?

Companion 4 Older Executives | 01 May 2024 - 06:35
An Ad for Men's Coach on These Sites? Why and Why Not?

The society is broken, people are broken. Hence coaching will have only higher value. And that applies in all spheres of life – sport (where coaching came from), business, personal affairs, and especially the defunct adult industry which counts under personal affairs. Men who have to pay for women have problems somewhere in life. That’s a pragmatic fact no matter how rude, crass, coarse, raw, or confrontational it may sound to some readers. Many of the men who must recourse to buying sex or even human company have problems that reach far more widely than the men themselves. Examples are problems with children, partners, work… but mainly expressing feelings. When it all becomes too much, they resort to escapism – or therapy.

There’s a difference between therapy and coaching, and I’m a coach.  Coaching is appropriate for people who do basically well and want to do better. An example is that men have enough money, good families, dearly love their partners, but want more better intimacy. So they do basically well in life, but want to do better in one sphere which isn’t good and therefore negatively affects other spheres of life.

While escapism feels good, it is a short-term distraction that does not fix the root cause. It can moreover create dependence, addiction, ugly vicious circles which can destroy lives in the long term if they circle too far out of control. Plus the people who earn from these false pleasures do not add value, but rather deepen the misery.

Coaching is not the same as having sex. Men want sex because sex is deeply wired in them and they need it. But men also have sex as an escape route from the hassle of having to sort out family problems or upset their home comforts. Some men profess that sex with strangers is the spice of life, fun, exciting, raises the adrenaline. This is a valid point. But no matter what anyone says, the fact that if a man must buy sex or even just human company, it reflects a sad  soul.

I could be one of the billions of women who sell sex on escort and “escort” directories. I could be the billion first who deepens the misery and cares only about how much she gets. But I never liked and never will like being of the billions. And I care firstly about contributing something clean and valuable to individuals and thus the society and secondly about how much I get. So I advertise coaching among ads for sex because why not? And also because that is where men will find it and pay attention when they find it. Why not do something different? Many a radical idea changed the world. If only I could change the worlds of these successful yet sad men, I would. Why not?

If you have been a friend for years, I dearly hope that you will let me continue to change yours. And if you are a stranger who came across this article by serendipity, I would like to change yours.

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