Massage for Corporate Men Who Do Not Sleep Well

Companion 4 Older Executives | 15 Aug 2023 - 05:25
Massage for Corporate Men Who Do Not Sleep Well

Massage is brilliant for good sleep. Why? I’ll tell you in this short article which was born thanks to a conversation with a man who has been getting massage from me for years. Bless his heart and I thank him for the loyalty and inspiration! I wrote that conversations are important for a reason. But that’s another article. This one is for all the corporate men who work hard, are perpetually in the fast lane, and may have bad sleep from all the beating of the corporate world. 

Why is massage good for sleep?
I wrote about sleep, so won’t repeat myself. Massage is not just good, but an excellent long-term treatment for sleep for several reasons. The first one is that massage relaxes the muscles and we sleep only when the body is relaxed. We won’t sleep when the body is tense. It’s as simple as that. The second reason is that massage relaxes the mind too. And when the mind is happy, it sleeps well. Again, no rocket science.

The third reason is that massage is a long-term ecological natural solution. While the body habituates to sleeping pills after 6 weeks and then people pay big money for no good effect and possibly only negative side effects, massage doesn’t have negative side effects if it’s done well, i.e. if the massage practitioner doesn’t break your spine! In fact, massage has lots of other benefits about which I wrote years ago. Well done massage can even be better than sex and even has 4 much less obvious benefitstoo.

And the fourth reason is that if massage is combined with aromatherapy, the healing properties of essential oils amplify the good effects of massage. And the best for last – an experienced aromatherapist will massage you with oils that promote good sleep! Two birds with one stone.

And what about the cost?
Of course massage costs time, energy, and for many people mainly money, be it for sleep or whatever. In a world of only rising costs of everything many folks’ first objection will be that regular massage is expensive. Well, medicines also cost a bomb and will also cost only more. And the body habituates to medicines after 6 weeks while doctors are salespeople of pharmaceutical companies and want you to pay the costs of sleeping pills for life regardless of whether the pills work. So how does that compare? At least massage always has good effects on several things, not only sleep. In other words the body never habituates to massage. And the mind definitely never habituates to massage!

The second way of looking at the cost of massage for good sleep is that you’ll pay a price one way or another. When the sleeping pills no longer work, what then? It’ll be time to up the ante… and what’s the next level? To buy more sleeping aids? They’ll cost too. And won’t guarantee that good sleep which a well massaged body will get. Because it’s back to the first reason – when the muscles are perpetually tense and full of toxins that ever gather and never leave, sleeping aids will clearly never match the benefits of massage.

So, dear corporate man, entrepreneur, businessman, and man in every high profession which fills the body and mind with perpetual tension, stress, toxins, if you have bad sleep, I hope to have brought long sought light into your life and you’ll sleep better tonight only knowing that you’ve finally found a way to treat bad sleep that won’t harm and will benefit your health, happiness, and productivity in many ways.

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