Why the Adult Industry Doesn’t Fulfil Its Role in the Society

Companion 4 Older Executives | 02 Feb 2023 - 05:21
Why the Adult Industry Doesn’t Fulfil Its Role in the Society

Why doesn’t the adult industry fulfil its role in the society? How is it possible that the adult industry which turns billions a year worldwide leaves so much sexual deprivation, violence, and harassment worldwide? How can it be that men seem to be more deprived of sex than ever at the time of the biggest adult industry it has ever been and at the age of extreme sexual liberation? Or has it always been the case, but we now hear more of it? This paradox doesn’t make sense… Or does it if we look closer? 

What’s wrong with the society? Why do younger and younger men call for adult services? Shouldn’t young men get sex naturally the most easily due to their vitality, rich social lives, and charm? Why do boys as young as eight watch porn online? Or why do more and more men of all ages buy sex by text message? Doesn’t it fly in the face of intimacy? Wanting to be intimate with another human being? How will men resolve sexual deprivation if they don’t even want to speak to the people with whom they want to have sex? Why do men still assault women when they can easily buy sex? Where’s this world going?

There’re solid reasons why the adult industry doesn’t serve the society how it should
The first reason is that the adult industry sells an unrealistic fantasy of something as beautiful as sex. Sex is as old as humanity. After all, sex created humanity. And some say that sex sells, even though I question this notion, and so will you when you read the first paragraphs of this article. Due to sex being as old as humanity the adult industry is too ingrained in society. Not all in the industry are mercenary, but the market is set as people are prepared to pay big.

The chief reason is of course money. Human nature gets greedy… And so do people in the adult industry. People go into the adult industry for the money. After all, it’s a well known fact that many people who work in the adult industry earn good money tax free. And what a machine the industry is! And unregulated too! People who go into the adult industry don’t have to study for years. Yet some earn as well as people in the noble professions who had to study for years. So money moves the world – and makes people greedy.

When we have it good, good is never enough
And greed is another major reason. When people get greedy, they want to do less for more. Rates go up, the amount and value of service go down. And that’s where the problem starts and ends around a full circle. Women charge crazy money for no value, in fact for what every human being should get free of charge and what should never be commercialised. Even the richest clients have expenses and therefore finite finances. Unless they have more money than brains they must also budget and mostly can’t afford liaisons with adult “entertainers” often. If the wives don’t give them enough or any sex, the low frequency of men seeing adult entertainers doesn’t solve sexual deprivation.

And the ultimate reason is the mindset. People go into the adult industry with the mindset of counting the money. They don’t go in with the mindset of care, compassion, and treating people as human beings. I’m talking about people who go into the adult industry by choice, not by force. But nonetheless, the mindset is exactly what makes the difference.

Webmasters of adult websites don’t help either
Webmasters of adult websites make the adult industry worse to a very large extent. And they make money from this misery! Why? Because they advertise misleadingly, categorise people inappropriately, advertise virtual sex, webcam shows, and videos. None of it solves sexual deprivation because virtual sex will never be the same as sex in person. Another reason is that being stuck to screens hooked on virtual material isolates people from human contact – and encourages addictions… People usually surf adult sites alone. So how does that solve sexual deprivation when it isolates people? Sexual deprivation can only be solved by having sex in person! Sex on an electronic device won’t replace healing human contact. Electronic sex will only breed and nurture addicted followers who have lost the art of social graces and what it is to be human.

The adult industry could fulfil its role in the society again…
…but every individual involved in it would have to do his and her part to make it work. People who work in it would have to start doing it with care for the human beings to whom they – ironically and paradoxically – purport to sell human connection, intimacy, and what should be the most beautiful act between human beings. The people who finance it should do so with common sense, using the brain when choosing entertainers, and no tolerance for bad performance, scams, and lies. There’re many men who don’t have the heart not to pay for bad service. They say “I just paid her and left”. But by doing so they encourage bad service. One must sometimes be cruel to be kind. That’s life.

Those who make good money from scamming would have to stop. Of course that and none of what I wrote in the previous paragraph will happen because human nature won’t stop being greedy. But if every consumer played his part by buying adult services with common sense and questioning the dubious, scammers would have to stop. And people who have been scammed would have to start using their brains so as not to fall prey again.

Honesty is the best policy. It’s not rocket science, it’s just plain simple honesty. Why do people in the adult industry think that luring buyers by scamming and lying is the way to go? The best business is always done with a clean conscience and a smile on the face and in the heart. The best deals are won by and with honesty. And honesty is also what keeps customers coming back. Scamming is not necessary. And I guarantee you that even if scammers profit from dishonesty, we would all profit much more from honesty.

Consumers and webmasters of adult websites, you have the power to start making changes for the better
The consumer always has the power to keep someone or something (not) existing in the world. The principle is exactly the same as with products. If people want something to be in the world, they buy it. And the reverse applies too. If buyers of adult entertainers and services buy with common sense, buyers will start the circle of improvement. Because if buyers don’t suffer fools, lies, scams, and bad service gladly, workers will have to start being honest and improve their game. And if buyers buy with their heads – inform themselves about who they buy, they won’t finance bad people.

The decent solid sexually frustrated citizen has long lost faith in women who – ironically – purport to fix his frustration. He knows that those women won’t change. So if they won’t, he can. Losing trust is understandable. But not doing anything to make things better doesn’t help him nor anyone either. So you, the buyer for whom the adult industry was created, have the power to start the circle of change for the better. It’s never too late in this case. In fact, the sooner you start, the better. You, dear reader, should be one of those solid sexually frustrated citizens, because I wrote this article for you, not for workers in the adult industry. So I dearly hope that these words inspire you to start…

And if these words do not inspire you to start and you can’t be bothered, then the best way to contribute is not to engage with the adult industry. Not buying what you know that won’t solve your problem. Buying what will, even if it may not always directly have to do with sex. Perhaps getting some good coaching may be exactly the way out of sexual frustration – and many other frustrations! It will certainly not create an addiction, and will get rid of the problems that lead you to buying sex. I cordially invite you to consider or even try it!

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